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Property Improvements / Rentals Management

Bruce White - Owner of Villa Hannabith

We bought our villa in 2013 and although it was in a location we liked, it was rather tired and run down, having probably had next to nothing spent on it since it was built. We really thought that, apart from a lick of paint, having purchased it in February of that year, we would have to live with the way it was (ageing kitchen and furniture) and just hope it rented for the coming season at low rates.

We found Artemis Emlak after an internet search to find an agent. They are English speakers as well as local people. Within days of contact, the villa had been appraised, and a program of works devised. This included a lovely new kitchen with all new appliances, new furniture throughout and getting the pool up and running. Despite us previously thinking nothing could be done the first year, it was all completed by April when we went out there and all ready for the summer season.

What was particularly terrific, was the way the guys at Artemis went out and compiled kitchen designs, furniture brochures, prices, going off to Ortaca to do deals for us - everything. All we had to do (via email in the UK) was choose things to fit our budget. And it all came in at at price we wouldn't have thought possible (certainly wouldn't be in the UK).

Now its all up and running, ongoing management by Artemis, our season is full year on year and we have our lovely little place that the whole family just cannot wait to go to each year. Well done Artemis Emlak!

Purchase of Land (December 2013)
Patrick McErlean

Buying land or property in a foreign country can be a daunting prospect, but not if you have someone like Mehmet from Artemis Emlak in your corner. Being a local, Mehmet knows the vast majority of the Dalyan land owners and more importantly he knows the Turkish way of doing business. I found him very responsive to my requests for information, and he kept me fully informed throughout the buying process. His primary focus is on you as the customer. To me Mehmet is not just an real estate agent, he is now a valued friend.

Purchase of Villa (2011)
Terry Burke

We bought our first villa in 2008. It is a very big decision to invest in property in a foreign country and you need to have absolute faith and trust in the people you are dealing with. Buying property in Turkey is very different than in the UK. In many ways it is a lot easier than in the UK and as a result things can go wrong very easily. We were so lucky in that we chose Mehmet to handle our affairs. He is so knowledgeable about the property market in Turkey. He guided us through all the process and procedures and helped with negotiations with the owners. The outcome was that we were able to complete our purchase very easily and we got a great deal. We have loved our time spent in Turkey so much we have decided to plan for retirement their, as such we asked Mehmet to sell our property in June 2011 so that we could look to invest in a larger villa. 4 weeks later we had sold our villa for the full asking price and again he helped us to negotiate another great deal on our 2nd villa. Mehmet views his clients as friends and that is how you are treated whenever you or your friends visit your property. He is a lovely man who delivers first class service and someone who is a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in using him again in the future.

Purchase of Land and Villa Construction (2010)
Stuart & Pauline Diplock - Owners of Villa Alycia

It is really important when buying or building property in Turkey to have a trustworthy Estate Agent with a good command of English, whose associates are also good, reliable professionals and traders. Friends we made over several visits to Dalyan recommended Mehmet Kurt at Artemis Emlak to us as a reputable Estate Agent. Dealing with Mehmet took all the worry out of our villa building project in Dalyan and the finished result exceeded our expectations. The project came in on time and on budget and thanks to Mehmet, we were guided through every stage of the process from buying land to legal matters, opening bank accounts and finding builders, all of which were organised for us and passed without a hitch. We can't speak highly enough of the services offered by Mehmet Kurt. We are now considering building another villa and we know Mehmet will be our key ingredient in any future development.

Purchase of villa (2011)
Geoffrey and Helen Bamping

I first met Mehmet Kurt when we visited Dalyan three years ago and stayed for a holiday at a friend\'s villa. Mehmet had acted as my friend\'s estate agent, and continued to look after the villa and its guests on an ongoing basis after they had bought it. My wife and I were immediately struck by Mehmet\'s friendly, welcoming and helpful nature, in fact he went out of his way to ensure everything was as it should be throughout our stay, down to the smallest detail. On our second visit to the same villa in 2011 we learned that our friends were selling it in order to move to a larger one nearby, and of course, had engaged Mehmet to handle the sale and the purchase of their new villa. Whilst staying there we decided to buy our friend\'s old villa, and engaged Mehmet to handle this for us. I have nothing but praise for the way he dealt with this from the beginning to the end of the process. Buying a property abroad was a new and scary experience for us, but Mehmet\'s assistance with every step and detail gave us full confidence that everything would work out well, as indeed it has. He continues to look after our continuing needs regarding maintenance etc, keeping a check on the property when it is empty, and always acts in our best interests. Being a local, he knows all the local trades people and ensures we get a fair deal in any transaction. If we were to sell our villa for some reason in the future, I would have no hesitation in asking Mehmet to handle this for me, and would recommend him wholeheartedly to anybody looking to buy or sell property in Turkey. Mehmet applies a personal touch to the service he provides which is mostly sadly lacking in the UK. I now count him as a true friend and would trust him implicitly.

Property Improvements / Rentals Management
Paul Pearson - Owner of Villa Martin

I have been a customer of Artemis Emlak for several years know, they have always been helpful, knowledgeable and always just a phone call or text away.

Being 2000 miles away you need peace of mind and confidence in a company that you are trusting your villa to, as well as your guests, friends & family. They are 100% reliable and I have never been let down in any of the services the company offers, they can arrange anything from building work to airport transfers, from furniture purchases to paying outstanding bills, along with any other unforeseen issues that may arise.

More importantly any unforeseen issues that do arise they are dealt with without me even being made aware of, I usually receive an email confirming what action has been carried out after the event. Such as Leaking solar panel / over flow or anything that is noted during a welcome meeting / cleaner visit / winter check visit, so I have peace of mind 24/7/365 whether the villa is rented out or locked up over the low season. I am more than happy to personally recommend Artemis Emlak to anyone and should you wish to discuss my reference feel free to contact me.

Property Improvements / Rentals Management
Gary Sharp - Owner of Villa Olivia

I have owned my villa since 2006 and up until last year have always managed it myself with regard to maintenance, rentals etc. It has never been easy.

Last year I decided to take the stress out of it and use a local emlak to take care of everything for me. I chose Artemis emlak because of their good reputation, and recommendations from other owners to me, and also because I have known the guys who own and manage the company for a number of years since vacationing in Dalyan. They are honest,reliable and trustworthy, and have many years experience in the Turkish property market. They are also very conversant with the rules, regulations and laws governing the purchase, sale and rental of Turkish properties owned by foreign nationals.

I am extremely impressed by their efficiency and friendly attitude to their clients. Nothing is too much trouble, and even the most trivial little problems are solved quickly and practically. They have numerous reputable tradesmen on their books who take care of everything from decorating to total refurbishment. Painters, plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc. all professional, reliable and much,much cheaper than UK prices. They look after my property in my absence and also assist me with financial and admin affairs such as house insurance, council tax etc.

I have been extremely satisfied with their service and would heartily recommend them to anyone seeking professional help and advice. They are fluent in both English and Turkish which is most useful when dealing with local people.

Property Improvements / Rentals Management
Malcolm and Angela Scutts - Owner of Villa Teldrassil

It is a pleasure working with Artemis Emlak. They provide an extremely personal and professional service. Enthusiastic, honest, efficient and always willing to go that extra mile to make sure that our requests are fulfilled. Artemis provides us with a quality management and maintenance service looking after all aspects of maintenance for our property, pool and garden as well as managing our bookings and looking after our guests.

As well as to day-to-day maintenance they have also been able to help us carry out major improvements to our property over the years, using their local knowledge they are able to secure the best prices and tradesmen for any task we have required. They keep us well informed of progress with frequent email, calls and pictures, and are able to make sensible decisions on the spot when necessary to ensure works go smoothly. We have always been satisfied with the outcome of improvements they have implemented for us.

In our opinion Artemis Emlak provide an invaluable service which leaves us stress-free. Although we are in another country, we know that professionals are looking after our property and our best interests. We couldn't ask for a better service and would recommend Artemis Emlak to anyone.

Purchase of Villa (December 2014)
Steve Wood and Kathryn Phillips

We met Mehmet in 2010 when we purchased a villa in Dalyan. We found him to be very professional and trustworthy, with an excellent command of English. Mehmet proved to be invaluable in the process of buying property in a foreign country; he took us to arrange for the official paperwork to be processed where a translator explained the legal documents. He helped us open bank accounts - not so easy in Turkey if you aren't resident. He advised that we use a solicitor and the Tapu (certificate of ownership) was issued as promised and in good time. Since then he's stayed in touch and been extremely helpful with any problems that have arisen, going beyond what one would expect of an estate agent!